N1 West UEP

North 1 West UEP service area is broken into six separate contract areas as shown below and generally includes properties west of Del Prado Boulevard, east of Santa Barbara Boulevard, along Kismet Parkway E and north of NE 9th Street. Construction is expected to begin in Summer of 2023.


Water Service – The City’s potable (drinking) water system pulls its groundwater supply from deep wells situated in the Lower Hawthorn Aquifer. The water is treated and pumped into the distribution system. The extension project will connect into this existing water treatment system. The project will install potable water lines adjacent to properties.

Wastewater ServiceThe City uses a gravity sewer system, which consists of sewer lines that collect and transport the wastewater flow to local lift stations. These lift stations pump the wastewater under pressure, via force mains, to the City’s existing wastewater reclamation facilities for treatment.

Irrigation Service – Treated wastewater is currently pumped back to customers through reuse irrigation lines, to provide water for landscaping.  This water supply is supplemented by canal water as necessary to meet peak demands. Cape Coral is an industry leader in water reuse technology, which is an important water conservation tool.


Quality potable WaterProvides a dependable, high-quality supply of clean drinking water.

Fire Protection – The water distribution system will be designed to facilitate fire flow protection to the service area and hydrants will be placed in accordance with the City standards.

Water Conservation for Irrigation – In many areas, the City operates an irrigation water system that includes a separate source of treated, reclaimed water for irrigation. This decreases the use of potable (drinking) and freshwater canal water for irrigation.

Environmental Protection – Failing septic systems are the third leading cause of pollution according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Overflows from a septic system can discharge in close proximity to adjacent groundwater wells and homes. Expanding sewer systems reduces the number of septic tanks, which is not ideal in urbanized areas.

Enhanced Property Values – In some surrounding areas, properties that have been connected to a centralized water and sewer system have shown to increase in value over those properties that remain on well and septic systems.

Economic GrowthEconomic development will be more likely with the new utility and fire protection services in place.

Municipal WaterThe extension of municipal water will also eliminate the frequency of wells running dry and saltwater intrusion.

North 1 West UEP Contracts

The service area is broken into six separate contract areas. For more detailed information, please click on a contract below.