Contract 4

Contract 4 consist of portions of the following streets south of Kismet Parkway East, east of Andalusia Boulevard, west of Del Prado Boulevard north and north of NE 19th Terrace (Frontier Canal)

  • Kismet Parkway E
  • NE 23rd Terrace
  • NE 23rd Street
  • NE 22nd Terrace
  • NE 22nd Street
  • NE 21st Terrace
  • NE 20th Street
  • NE 19th Terrace
  • Andalusia Boulevard
  • NE 8th Place
  • NE 9th Avenue
  • NE 9th Place
  • NE 10th Avenue
  • NE 10th Place
  • NE 11th Avenue
  • NE 12th Avenue
  • NE 14th Place
  • Del Prado Boulevard North
Project Completion