Project Overview

About the Project

The City of Cape Coral began its development as a low density, rural community with septic tanks and shallow groundwater wells providing water and wastewater needs to residents.  Today, these shallow wells are stressing the upper aquifer while septic systems are increasing the flow of wastewater effluent (discharge) into the groundwater and canals. This discharge affects regional water quality and the environment.  In recent years, Cape Coral has grown to the third largest city  by land mass, and 8th largest by population in Florida with a population over 200,000 people. This growth has spurred an increased demand for all City services, especially the extension of water and sewer systems.

The North 1 Utilities Extension Project (UEP) is part of the City’s 2022 Comprehensive Utilities Master Plan Update. The project will provide water, sewer, and irrigation services to your area.  It will include newly installed water, sewer, and irrigation lines along with fire hydrants,  new wastewater lift stations, and master pump stations. The project will also provide repairs to existing storm drain pipes and catch basins. Finally, disturbed roads within the project area will receive new asphalt.

North 1 West UEP service area is broken into six separate contract areas as shown below and generally includes properties west of Del Prado Boulevard, east of Santa Barbara Boulevard, along Kismet Parkway E and north of NE 9th Street. Construction began in Summer of 2023. LEARN MORE

North 1 East UEP service area is broken into five separate contract areas as shown below and generally includes properties east of Del Prado Boulevard, west of US 41, south of NE 28th Street and north of NE 10th Terrace. Construction on the east area is expected to begin in 2024. LEARN MORE

Project Map

The North 1 UEP project is located in the northeast quadrant of the City of Cape Coral and will be divided into two projects as shown in the maps below.