connection information

Connection Information

When the work is complete and the system is available online, the property owner (homeowner/business owner) will receive a “Notice of Availability Letter” (NOA) from the City.

Properties containing homes or businesses will be required to connect to the City’s potable water and wastewater system when services become available.  At the present time, connection to the irrigation system is optional.  All properties in the project area must be connected to the new system within 180 days from NOA.  


To connect to the Potable Water and Wastewater Services, you must complete and submit a Utility Service Extension Application to the City of Cape Coral Customer Billing Services. Applications are available online at You will be responsible for a meter installation fee. You will need to contact a licensed plumber to permit and complete the new service connections by installing the water line and sewer lateral pipe from the building to the ROW.  See the following steps shown to the right to complete the connection process.

After connection to the Wastewater Service, septic tanks will no longer be needed.  They do not have to be removed but they must be collapsed and abandoned.  This work can be performed by the plumber.  Water wells can remain intact as an irrigation water supply.  


Property Owner

(Homeowners or Business Owners)

  • RECEIVE “Notice of Availability Letter” from the City sent certified mail.
    New Construction/Utility Service Extension Application
    *To connect to utility services, you must complete the Utility Extension Connection Application online at Navigate to “I want to” – Apply for – Water and Sewer Service – Expansion/New Construction.
    • Property Owner(s)
      Will need to submit the following documents/
      information to complete 
    • A photocopy of a driver’s license/government issued ID for all owners listed on the property
    • The name of the licensed plumber performing the connection
  • PAY FEES to the CITY
    Fees required for connection:
    • Meter Installation Fee $325
    • Utility Account Deposit* $225
    • Septic Abandonment Permit Fee $100
* Based upon utility credit check
These fees must be paid prior to connecting to the new utilities. After payment(s) is made, the City will install the meter

Licensed Plumber

      Utility Connection Permit Application
      *To apply for UEP connection permit and septic abandonment permit (if applicable), you will need to apply online at  Navigate to “I want to” – Apply for – Permits.
Licensed Plumber 
Will need to submit the following 
documents/ information to complete application:
      • Burrowing Owl/Gopher Tortoise Affidavit
      • Department of Health Septic Abandonment Form
      • Performs the hook-up (leaving trench open)
      • Must submit the following affidavits: *Affidavit of Chlorination
        *Potable Water and/or Gravity Sewer Test
      • Upon receipt of affidavits, the City will schedule the required inspections.
      • Restores the right-of-way and schedules the site restoration inspection once the utility inspections are complete


  • CITY will supply a permit number


  • CITY will complete the following:
    • Water, Sewer and/or Irrigation Inspections
      *Passed Inspections: Work required by the City is complete
      *Failed Inspections: Additional work needs to be completed by the Licensed Plumber
    • Meter Installation
  • HEALTH DEPARTMENT will complete the following:
    • Septic Abandonment Inspection