Public Safety


The Construction Manager for the Utilities Extension Project takes construction the safety and safety of residents very seriously. 

We take Public Safety very seriously, particularly when working around residential streets with heavy construction equipment. To ensure the safety of everyone, we need your help in communicating the hazards of construction to your family, particularly any small children.

  • Our work will introduce large construction equipment working on residential streets. This equipment will be operated by skilled personnel. Please do not approach any working equipment as visibility can be restricted, particularly at the rear. 
  • Our contracting team may arrange with vacant lot owners to use the property for material storage to facilitate the construction. These stored materials may include piles of stone material and dirt generated in excavation. These piles can be visually attractive to children but are not safe as a play area.
  • There will be deep excavations to install the gravity sewer, typically in the center of the road. Most excavations will be backfilled and all should be covered at the end of the working day. Any excavation is a potential hazard and should never be entered by any member of the public.
  • Please take extra care while driving through construction areas. Your patience during the construction period will be appreciated. Obey the reduced speed limits and be alerted to changing traffic patterns. Our temporary traffic control markers and signage is maintained regularly. However, if you see any temporary traffic control markers or signage that requires urgent maintenance, please contact us and we will re-establish or correct them, as necessary.

We need your help to ensure your family recognizes the risks of injury from potential construction hazards and we will assist in providing further safety information to the public, as required. Our construction team will take every precaution to protect the public.  If you or your family sees anything that requires immediate attention, please contact 1-833-227-3837 (833-CAPE-UEP) and we will correct it, as necessary. Collectively, we have a safety record to be proud of on this utility extension program. We will appreciate any steps you can take to informa your family.


If you have questions concerning any part of this extension program, direct your questions and concerns to the program hotline at 239-573-1191 or 1-833-227-3837 (833-CAPE-UEP) or email