Air Relief Valve

Used to control or limit air pressure
in the utility pipes.

Catch Basin

Drainage System structure used to collect rainwater/surface water.


Temporary route used to direct traffic
around the work zone.

Detour flag man

Person that directs traffic around the
active work zone.

Dewatering Pump

Pump used to remove water from the ground. Dewatering may be needed before trenches are dug.

Dewatering PipesĀ 

Pipes used to transport the groundwater that is being removed. Water is redistributed in the general area.

Directional Drill

Tool used to drill underground horizontally. This tool may be used to drill underneath driveways or roads to allow for pipe installation.

Irrigation Water Pipes

Pipes that are used to transport reclaimed water from the treatment plant to properties to water lawns and landscaping.


Sticks with different color flags used to identify right-of-way, property lines or existing underground infrastructure.


Used to dig holes, trenches and lift heavy objects.


Used to smooth a surface flat or at a particular slope.

Front End Loader

picks up dirt, soil, sand and other materials.

Lift Station
Pumps sewage through the pipes to water reclamation facility.


A small covered opening in the road to allow a person to access to underground utilities such as sewer lines for maintenance.

Meter Box

Black box where the water meter is placed for protection; purple box is where irrigation connection unit is housed.


Place asphalt on the road.

Potable Water Pipes

Pipes that are used to deliver drinkable water from a reverse osmosis facility to residents and businesses.

Pulverizing Equipment

Used to break up/mill and remove asphalt.

Sewer Pipes

Used to transport sewage to a water reclamation facility.

Sewer Installation

Installation of sewer pipes that will transport
sewage to a water reclamation facility.

Staging Site

Area where construction equipment and materials are stored and stockpiled.

Storm Water Pipe

Pipes used to transport rainwater/surface water from the catch basins to the canal system.

Trench Box

Steel or aluminum structures that are used to protect construction personnel while they are performing work within a trench or hole in the ground.


Used to control water flow.